Community Based Rehabilitation
The Guyana Community Based Rehabilitation (GCBR) Programmed started as a small pilot project and has expanded to seven of the ten administrative regions of Guyana. The Programme aims at promoting community involvement and the participation of persons with disabilities and their families in meeting their own needs within local communities. The GCBR Programme works with persons with disabilities in four main areas: vision, hearing and speech, movement, and learning. As a primary goal, the Programme seeks to develop the self-esteem and self-reliance of persons with disabilities and support their integration into mainstream society. The GCBR Programme places great emphasis on the training of volunteers to work with persons with disabilities and their families. These volunteers may included teachers, health workers and other interested community members.

107 Carmichael Street
North Cummingsburg

Tel: 226-5780
Fax: 227-4636

National Commission on Disabilities
The main function of the National Commission on Disabilities (NCD) is to act as a directing and coordinating body on national disability issues to ensure that persons with disabilities enjoy quality life. Further areas of functioning include

  • To advise government on all issues relating to people with disability.
  • To set standards within which stakeholders should operate in developing programmes, providing services, etc. in the field of disabilities.
  • To develop and implement programmes to ensure equalization of opportunities for person with disabilities and to continuously review and evaluate same.
  • To monitor the implementation of policy.
  • To work assiduously towards changing negative attitudes and breaking down physical barriers.

49 Croal St. Stabroek

Tel: 226-4566, 225-0980

National Federation of and for Disabled People
The National Federation of and for Disabled People (NFDP) provides various forms of assistance for persons with disabilities. We are also involved in hosting seminars and workshops for such persons along with various fund raising activities during the year. Individuals are free to contact us for any assistance we can provide.

Meetings: 4th week in every month

St George's Cathedral
Undercroft Center

Contact: Laurie Greenidge
Tel: 266-0062, 642-5632

Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Center

Main Objectives of the Centre
  1. To provide on a daily basis a range of rehabilitative services, including physiotherapy, special education, speech therapy and occupational therapy, to meet the needs of the clients.
  2. To provide a range of other social services including schooling, dormitory, dining and recreational facilities for those children resident at the Centre.
  3. To provide counselling and educational services for parents of children in rehabilitation programmes, urging them to be more involved in the programmes.
  4. To make provisions for orthotic and prosthetic appliances for the physically disabled in Guyana.
  5. To strengthen the financial well being of the Centre by attracting resources from outside the traditional sector.

  • Audiology
  • Day Care for Disabled Children
  • Dormitory
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Orthotics & Prosthetics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Schedule of Services
  • Special Education
  • Speech Therapy
  • Thrift Shop
  • Vision
  • Vocational Training

131 Carmichael St.

Tel: 226-1441

Guyana Society for the Blind
The Guyana Society for the Blind (GSB) seeks to empower blind persons in any way we can. Services: In the past GSB has hosted workshops which focused on imparting skills to blind persons including handicraft and mobility training. Owing to financial restraints workshops have now been replaced by a greater emphasis on one to one training in a friendly and warm atmosphere where persons are matched with other persons with disabilities so they can learn these skills from those who would have already gained experience.

This training particularly seeks to build confidence in women by engaging them in Food and Nutrition programs (elementary and advanced), Tai Dai, stuffed toys making, etc.

The GSB will be visiting the homes of blind persons living in the Ruimveldt area. The purpose of these visits will be to highlight challenges and provide suggestions for ways in which family members can become involved in assisting. There will be skills training for family members and persons with disabilities to empower them to do this.

High Street,
Werk-en Rust

Tel: 226-4496

Guyana Association for the Visually Impaired
The Guyana Association for the Visually Impaired (GAVI) is a non-governmental organization registered in accordance with The Friendly Societies Act, Chapter 36:04 Laws of Guyana. The primary focus of the association is the preservation of sight, the prevention of blindness, advocacy, and empowerment of blind and visually impaired persons through education and training. This is done through rehabilitation services with emphasis on the teaching of orientation and mobility skills, activities of daily living, basic education through reading and writing in Braille, and through vocational skills training thus enabling the blind and visually impaired community to live fuller lives.

284 Thomas & Quamina Sts.
South Cummingsburg

Tel: 223-5664